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X-stream Canoe and Kayak Adventures

Once in a while, we like to mix it up and offer one of Adventure Outpost’s famous “X-Stream Explorations,” on which you can “experience the thrill of going where no one in their right mind has gone before.

There are still some places, deep in the wild heart of north Florida, which are so difficult to access that few people ever see them. Most of these places have been bypassed by civilization for good reason–they’re hard to access. Most are in wetlands. But, once in a while, the hard-core nature lover who is willing and able to endure the hardships of penetrating the “impenetrable” and passing the “impassable,” will find one of these lost worlds.

Occasionally, Adventure Outpost leads small groups to such places. Since these are usually wetlands (in Florida, nothing keeps civilization at bay more effectively than wetlands) most of the ‘X-Stream trips are by canoe or kayak. These are places I really wish everyone could see, but realistically, they can’t. The same thing which has kept these places pristine (i.e. the difficulty in getting to them) makes these trips unsuitable to many. The only consolation I can offer to those who are unable to join us on these excursions. is to take heart in knowing that such places are still out there.

Our most popular X-Stream Explorations are River Styx, New River and Upper Santa Fe River. Sometimes we’ll strike off into new places to see what we find. These tours are always well-marked on our┬ácalendar, so keep an eye on the website calendar for upcoming X-Stream Explorations and dates.

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