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Boats and Gear

(In stock as of 10/15/2014)

PLEASE NOTE: Prices and availability may change without immediately being updated on this page. If you’re interested in any item you see here, please call us to confirm it’ s still here. As much as we’d like to see you,
we’d hate for you to drive out unnecessarily.
We are an authorized dealer of Old Town, Ocean Kayak, Heritage, RTM and Emotion kayaks.

New Kayaks (sit inside)

Vapor (Old Town)

sale price $575 (MSRP $600)
Color – tequila sunrise
Length – 12′

New Kayaks (sit-on-top)

Malibu 2 XL (Ocean Kayak) sale price $790 (MSRP $880)
Open Cockpit, 3 molded in seat wells, molded in foot wells, cargo straps, tri-form hull design, self bailing scupper holes, bow and stern toggle handles, threaded drain plug, multiple accessory eyelets, bow spray deflector, durable, linear, polyethylene construction.
Color – yellow
Length – 12’
Weight – 61 lbs.
Width – 34”
Capacity – 400 – 450 lbs.

Malibu two XL (sit on top) – sale price $829 (MSRP $879)
Color – Mango, L.-11′, wt. – 45 lbs.
* Seats included

Venus 11 (sit on top) – sale price $650 (MSRP $699)
Color – light blue, L.-11′, wt. – 40 lbs.

Used Kayaks



Dancer (Perception – whitewater boat) – sale price $299
Color – aqua blue, L.-11 7″‘, wt. – 36 lbs.
(comes with neoprene whitewater skirt)

Canoes (New)
We’re an authorized dealer in Mohawk and Old Town Canoes.

Canoes (Used)

We sell many used canoes. We also take canoes and kayaks on consignment,
so bring your boat by for us to evaluate if you’d like us to consider selling it for you.

Guide 147 (Old Town) – $450



Dugout canoe – (Not for sale, but interesting to see) Carved from single log by Muskito Indians of Nicaragua. This 200 lb dugout was bought from the natives living along the WaWa river and shipped to High Springs in 2001. The paddles are hand-carved, solid mahogany.


Kayak Paddles (New)

** You can see picture and info about most of these paddles at

Old Town
Extreme ….. shft – indexed composite, bld – polypropylene,
L. – 230 cm, Wt.- 34 oz., Clr – black/white, Pr. – $95
Composite ….. shft – composite, bld – polypropylene,
L. – 230 cm, Wt.- 39 oz., Clr – black/white, Pr. – $90
Blacklight ….. shft – Polyethylene covered aluminum, bld – polypropylene,
L. – 230 cm, Wt.- 39 oz., Clr – black/white, Pr. – $45

Wood Paddles
We currently have about 10 wood kayak paddles including
Mistral Camp Paddle, Old Town and Greenland style kayak paddles.


Canoe Paddles (New)

Wood – bent shaft, Camp Paddle Co., – $70
Wood – straight shaft, Camp Paddle Co., – $65
Aluminum – Standard, basic – $16


Accessories (New)

Seat backs and pads – Many makes and styles, including some
ultra-comfortable gel-filled seats
PFD’s (personal flotation devices – a.k.a. life vests).

We carry Stearns and MTI Adventurewear
Dry Bags – Several brands and sizes, clear and blue.
Waterproof containers & bags – Safepouch, fanny pack drybags, etc.
Waterproof cell phone cases
Waterproof camera cases
Rescue throw bags
Gloves – neoprene kayak gloves
Paddle floats
Kayak and canoe anchors
Paddle leashes
Car-topping gear – including pads, straps, etc.
Kayak/canoe rack system for pickup trucks
canoe lights
Anchors (lightweight and compact for kayaks and canoes)
Drift anchors
Carts (several models) for canoes and kayaks
Paddle carrying bags


Books, maps, CD’s

Paynes Prairie: A History of the Great Savanna. –
(written by our own Lars Andersen, this is a history and guide to one of north Florida’s most important natural areas. 1st edition published in 2001, 2nd edition 2004 by Pineapple Press. Sarasota, Fla. — $14.95 (hardback) or $12.95 (softback)

North Florida Adventure (educational audio cassette). Grinnin’ Lizard Productions. Dallas Texas. 1988. — $7.00 (includes color map).

In Marjories Wake. (CD) by Leslie Poole. $24

We also carry many other titles covering a wide range of Florida topics.


Other Stuff
Hydration Packs – We currently have 7 varieties on stock, made by Camelbak and TFO.

Stoves (multi-fuel) – Current stock includes 3 models. Very compact. Manufactured by Suunto.
Lanterns – Several models in stock, including super compact expedition styles.


other camping gear

(Journey Home)
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